January 17, 2013

Meet CVS Pathways to Logistics Graduate Lisa Michell Adair-Averitte

Simon Youth Foundation and CVS Caremark partnered for the Pathways to Logistics program to offer internships for selected Simon Youth Academy students. This opportunity exposed students to careers in logistics and helped broaden students’ educational, personal and professional development. Lisa Michell Adair Averitte is one of the graduates who completed the program and this is her story.

SYF: Tell us a little about your background and how you came to the Simon Youth Pacers Academy.

Adair-Averitte: I wasn’t motivated to get anything done in school. The academy changed my attitude. I’ve always had a problem getting things done 100% right. I used to just get things done so they were done and not check it. Everyone’s kept me on task to get things done on-time and right. Now I do that with everything.

SYF: What did you do during the internship?

Adair-Averitte: This was my first job experience, so I got to see how everything works. In the distribution center, I mostly packed boxes and there was a certain way of doing things. I had to get everything in, make sure there was enough packing bubbles and stuff like that. At the end, I had to initial it basically saying I did it right so if I didn’t it was on me.

SYF: What is something you will take away from this experience?

Adair-Averitte: I’m a hard worker, but used to working by myself. Since I had never done this before or worked in this type of place, I needed to ask for help and understand that I didn’t know everything. That was hard, but I think it helped me learn that lesson.

SYF: What are your plans for the future?

Adair-Averitte: I want to work here. It seemed like it was a good job and something I can move around in so I don’t get bored. I want the chance to move up and eventually work in the office. I’ve got goals to be a manager or something like that. I think I can do it.”

Stories like these are why SYF is important. It gives youth at risk of dropping out a second chance and the hope they can achieve anything they want. It’s the goal of becoming a CVS Warehouse Manager like Lisa that lends credibility to the notion that youth start here to go anywhere. Congratulations to Lisa and all the graduates of the CVS Caremark Pathways program.

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