January 15, 2013

Meet CVS Pathways to Logistics Graduate Patrick Casteel

Simon Youth Foundation and CVS Caremark partnered for the Pathways to Logistics program to offer internships for selected Simon Youth Academy students. This opportunity exposed students to careers in logistics and helped broaden students’ educational, personal and professional development. Patrick Casteel is one of the graduates who completed the program and this is his story.

SYF: Tell us a little about your background and how you came to the Simon Youth Pacers Academy.

Casteel: I came to the academy after falling behind in my classes. It provided me a chance to get what I needed done and do it at my pace. I like school now and am moving on to college. I’ve already been accepted to ITT Tech for Engineering.

SYF: What did you do during the internship?

Casteel: I got to learn about the basics of packing a box which seems simple, but there’s a lot of reasons why they do it a certain way. Laws, regulations, getting it out on time, making it easy to get it to the next person – everything affects the next thing. We also did other stuff, but that part caught my attention.

SYF: What is something you will take away from this experience?

Casteel: This was my first real job. I was shaking doing the interview, but they calmed me down so I could show them I could do it. I’ll definitely be ready for my next interview thanks to the program.

SYF: What are your plans for the future?

Casteel: I want to be an entrepreneur and start my own business. It will likely be with my degree in Electrical Engineering or something like that. This internship and my academy work has given me confidence to do it.

Stories like these are why SYF is important. It gives youth at risk of dropping out a second chance and the hope they can achieve anything they want. It’s the goal of becoming an entrepreneur like Patrick that lends credibility to the notion that youth start here to go anywhere. Congratulations to Patrick and all the graduates of the CVS Caremark Pathways program.

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