February 27, 2013

Did You Know?

This is Black History Month. A time to celebrate the accomplishments, achievements and progress made to where we, as a society, are today. We must not forget the work Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Booker T. Washington and many others put in to change America for the better. Students at Simon Youth Pacers Academy at Washington Square Mall in Indianapolis, Indiana have been working throughout the month studying famous quotes, milestones and even trivia to gain a better understanding of what this celebration is all about.

Each day a new quote was featured in the classroom and students were asked to interpret it through their own eyes and experiences. It was explained in the context of the time so everyone could better understand why these quotes are significant. In addition, a 10 question quiz was given with clues hidden around the Academy. They were given a special prize for answering all the questions correctly. Without the help of the clues, can you pass this test with only five of the questions? Try it out.

  1. Who discovered over 300 uses for the peanut?
  2. Who invented the three way traffic light and gas mask?
  3. Who performed the first open heart surgery?
  4. Who was the first African American to win the Wimbledon Tennis championship?
  5. Who was the only boxer to win the heavyweight championship three times? 

How did you do? You can find the correct answers below. These are some significant accomplishments, but there are many, many more. Learn more about these and others as the month concludes. And even though this month is dedicated to black history, take a few moments over the course of the year to expand your knowledge about African Americans.

1) George Washington Carver
2) Garrett Morgan
3) Daniel Hale Williams

4) Althea Gibson
5) Muhammad Ali

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